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The Lucid ManagerWhen Peter Prevos and Ian Watson finished their MBA they had a nice hot cup of tea and asked each other:

What do we do now?

And thus, one hot Australian afternoon in November 2009, Lucid Manager was born.1

Lucid Manager explores the front lines of contemporary management, strategy and marketing. We believe that modern business thinking is contaminated with a large amount of humbug, which we seek to expose in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The Lucid Manager is the student in the back of the lecture room asking the hard questions.

At Lucid Manager, we present valuable lessons (not ‘learnings’) on contemporary management thinking and provide a counter-point to the McManagement trend that is sweeping the globe.

We reflect critically on popular management theory and provide alternative views based on scientific research. Our blog posts provide regular short insights into business related topics while our research page contains comprehensive essays.

What does the banner stand for?

The Lucid Manager philosophy is artfully expressed by the banner shown on each page. It is created by Dutch visual artist, musician, film producer and cultural scientist Karin Merx. This piece of art contains a great deal of symbolism related to what Lucid Manager aims to achieve.

We have chosen the pig as our mascot because this animal is intrinsically linked with management theory. Pigs are also used as a business metaphor: In some firms management has its snout in the trough, some consider the bosses to be capitalist pigs, and much of management theory is Pig Latin. Bad managers can be pig-headed and only focus on getting money in the piggy-bank. At the Lucid Manager, we hope to provide a positive influence on this, but we sure can’t make pigs fly.

The Lucid Manager

We lovingly call our mascot Freddy, after Frederick Winslow Taylor who was one of the first to methodically study manual labour by analysing how workers hauled lumps of pig iron onto trucks. Loads of pig-iron are visualised in the banner and Freddy is holding a clothes iron to symbolise the connection with Freddy Taylor.

Reading from left to right, the banner expresses a journey from rational goal-oriented thinking, as espoused by Taylor, to a management approach that embraces the non-rational human dimension. The banner is sprinkled with the mathematical symbols and bulls-eyes to symbolise the goal-oriented and rational nature of management.

  1. This site was formerly named Hypotheticorp, but because most people had trouble pronouncing or writing this name, including Peter and Ian, it was decided to use a less obscure brand. 

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  1. whow, see this for the first time *blush*. Like the site and took the time to read some stuff and I did your *personality* test. Best joke ever:-)

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