What is the Lucid Manager? The Collective Works of Dr Peter Prevos

  • Perspectives on Marketing

The Lucid Manager

The Lucid Manager presents the collected works of Dr Peter Prevos about data science, marketing and management.

What is the Lucid Manager? The Collective Works of Dr Peter Prevos

The Devil is in the Data

The Devil is in the Data is a blog about the R language. On this website, I share my experiments in:

I am a civil engineer and social scientist with a PhD in business. For my day job, I manage the data science team at a water utility in regional Australia. My job is to “create value with useful, sound and aesthetic data products”.

My approach to data science is practical as I solve real-life problems. Data science needs to be useful, sound and aesthetic to be able to create value.

Useful means that somebody can make a decision that increases value for an individual, an organisation or society overall. Sound means that the analysis is valid, reliable and reproducible. Last but not least, data products need to be aesthetic so that they are easy to understand.

Perspectives on Marketing

Perspectives on Marketing is a series of MBA marketing lectures by Dr Peter Prevos from a practical, theoretical and normative perspective.

  • The practice of marketing is about how marketers decide what to do next. Marketing is a process aimed at increasing value for other people. These lectures discuss practical ways to achieve this goal.
  • A theory is a model of reality that generalises what practitioners do. Kurt Lewin said that that “nothing is more practical than a good theory”. These lectures investigate how marketing theory relates to practice and how marketing influences society.
  • Normative marketing is about what marketers ought to be doing. Normative perspective helps marketers to make ethical decisions, and these lectures include normative considerations about the theory and practice of marketing.

These videos are based on Peter’s work as an MBA marketing lecturer for the La Trobe University MBA.

Read the short articles and watch the videos below or subscribe to the YouTube channel if you like to be informed when new topics are available.

The invisible Water Utility

The Invisible Water Utility was a PhD research project that investigated the relationship between customer perception and employee behaviour in water utilities.

These articles were written between 2013 and 2016 and cover a range of water utility marketing topics, such as:

This research has resulted in a book about using marketing theory to manage customer experiences in water utilities. If you are interested in water utility marketing, then please consider reading Customer Experience Management for Water Utilities, available from IWA Publishing.

The Half-Hour MBA

The Half-Hour MBA explores the front lines of contemporary management, strategy and marketing. We believe that modern business thinking is contaminated with a significant amount of humbug, which we seek to expose in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The Lucid Manager is the student in the back of the lecture room asking the hard questions.

The Half-Hour MBA, we present valuable lessons (not ‘learnings’) on contemporary management thinking and provide a counter-point to the McManagement trend that is sweeping the globe.

We reflect critically on popular management theory and provide alternative views based on scientific research. Our articles provide insights into business-related topics and more comprehensive essays.