Introduction to Perspectives on Marketing

Perspectives on marketing is a series of video lectures by Dr Peter Prevos. These videos are based on Peter’s work as a lecturer for the La Trobe University MBA. These videos describe marketing from three perspectives:

  • Practical: What marketers can do to achieve their objectives.
  • Theoretical: Understanding the principles of marketing.
  • Normative: What marketer ought to do to improve societal value.

Marketing Practice

Managers want to know what they need to do next to achieve their objectives. The practice of marketing teaches managers how to decide on their next action by planning their activities, create value for customers, clients or any other beneficiary, and communicate the value proposition. Perspectives on Marketing discusses practical tools to help you create value for your customers.

Marketing Theory

Calling something theoretical is usually considered as being negative. From a scientific view, A theory is a model of reality that generalises what practitioners do. Kurt Lewin said that that “nothing is more practical than a good theory”. Marketing theory helps us to understand marketing and practice and how marketing interacts with society. The Perspectives on Marketing channel discusses theoretical models that assist in understanding how you can create value for your customers.

Normative Marketing

Normative marketing is about what marketers ought to be doing. Intellectuals have criticised marketing for creating false needs and promoting consumerism. While these critiques are mostly correct, marketing is not inherently evil. A normative perspective helps marketers to make ethical decisions. The Perspectives on Marketing channel discusses the ethics of marketing by deciding what they ought to do.

Perspectives on Marketing Video Presentation

This presentation explains the basic principles of the three perspectives on marketing. Only through combining these three perspectives can managers develop a complete, dare i say, holistic view on business. Theory helps to inform best practice and the normative perspective limits any harm to society and the natural environment.

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