The Half Hour MBA

Do you want to get an MBA, but don’t want to invest a lot of time? The Lucid Manager is proud to introduce the Half Hour MBA. In thirty minutes you will be initiated into the deepest secrets of management in the fast paced presentation.

The Half Hour MBA

The Half Hour MBA is a satirical magic show about deception and subterfuge in business. In this show magic tricks are used to illustrate some of the misconceptions in contemporary management.

Magicians and managers have a lot in common. In this magic show some of the secrets of management are exposed:

  • The myth of multitasking: Magicians know that we can only focus on one thing.
  • Deception in marketing: Magic shows and marketing are based on the same principles.
  • Using misdirection in presentations: All business is show-business.
  • Predicting behaviour: Using magic tricks to show that previous behaviour is not a good predictor of future behaviour.

Peter Prevos is a professional manager, with an engineering degree, arts degree and an MBA. he is a part-time PhD candidate and occasional lecturer in marketing and dabbles in theatrical magic.

Disclaimer: This show is based on actual research but should not be interpreted as management advice. The names in the case studies have been changed to protect the innocent and any connection with reality is based on pure coincidence.