Free Personality Test for Professionals

Welcome to the Forer Workstyle Inventory, a free personality test designed for professionals. Please take place on our virtual divan and answer the twenty-two questions below to find out what your Forer Workstyle Inventory is.

Many companies use personality testing in their recruitment processes. Rather than relying on unreliable human intuition, personalty testing adds a scientific certainty to recruitment. A well-designed personality test inreases your self-knowledge because the questions help with introspection about your patterns of behaviour.

Free Personality Test

Many personality tests are protected intellectual property and can cost a lot of money to do. The Forer Workstyle Inventory is fully open source and you can read all about how it is designed and statistically validated. Our analysis proves that this test is as good as commercially available tests.

The Forer Workstyle Inventory helps professionals to better understand their personality by asking 22 seemingly unrelated questions. This test is specially designed and our objective is that this will be the last personality test you will ever need to take.

Remember, there are no wrong answers, we don’t collect your personal information, so what are you waiting for?

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