Buzzword Bingo! Play this game at your next meeting

Managers use an esoteric language to describe very common activities. Anyone who works in an office will have heard some of the weasel words and buzzwords around the meeting table. Some of these words use evocative metaphors to express something quite mundane. A helicopter view means that you are overviewing the whole topic, and blue-sky thinking is just another word for daydreaming. Some of these words are used to give concept different meanings. A restructure is called a realignment or water utilities that use exotic words to describe recycled sewage.

Some of the more grounded people in the office, the lucid managers, devised a hypothetical games called Buzzword Bingo, also called Bullshit Bingo as perhaps the word buzzword isitself a buzzword that does not say it like it is. I have never met anyone who has actually played the game but is surely is a nice thought to sit in a boring meeting and shout BINGO as soon as your card with buzzwords is full.

Play Buzzword Bingo, the most popular past time during boring meetings. The list of words you could use is endless. We hope to one day develop an application that can automatically detect buzzwords and shout “Bingo” in the middle of a meeting. The image below is an example of a card.

Buzzword Bingo

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