The Cult of Personality


Forer Workstyle InventoryThe holy grail of human resource management is to find the perfect staff member. Countless of books are devoted to the recruitment process and predicting performance based on interviews, résumés, reference checks and psychometric testing. At Lucid Manager we have written several articles about the machinations of recruitment.

Psychometric testing, mostly in the form of a self administered personality test are a very popular way help recruiters find the right person for the job. Most popular is the Meyers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) and millions of hard working professionals have been branded with labels such as ENTP, INTJ or possibly FCUK.

Unfortunately these tests are nothing more than expensive security blankets for recruiters and managers that don’t have the courage to rely on personal judgement and need pseudo science to defend their decisions. Personality does exist as a phenomenon, but there is no easy technique to determine this and predict future behaviour or work performance.

However, we decided to join the madness and develop our own personality test based on grounded theory research conducted over the past four years. Difference is that this test is fully open source. You can read all about the inner workings of the FWI on the background page.

So, hop on our virtual divan and answer 22 easy questions to find our what your Forer Workstyle Inventory is.

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