Free Personality Test

Please answer these 22 questions about your personal preferences. After you submit your answers, the data will be used to calculate your Forer Workstyle Inventory.

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
1: When I cook I prefer to make it up as a go along rather than follow a recipe
2: I'd prefer to work on a long-term project
3: I need regular updates of everything going on around me
4: Most of what goes on around me is irrelevant and uninteresting
5: I prefer to work in a small business rather than a large organisation
6: People see me as a leader
7: I'm confident that I'm a better problem solver than most people
8: I often worry about the future
9: I have an above average sense of humour
10: Learning new skills is more valuable than using an old one
11. I get excited by the details
12: I don't need a map when I travel
13: People often tell me that I am funny
14: I often tell jokes
15: I don't laugh out loud very often
16: I enjoy examining large amounts of data
17: I prefer to see lots of small results quickly
18: The journey is more important than the destination
19: I like to work on small projects that can be completed quickly
20: I prefer to follow clear instructions rather than develop new ones
21: I prefer to use my prior knowledge than to learn a new approach to a problem.
22: I am a lot of fun to be around


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