Peter Prevos

Peter PrevosPeter Prevos is originally trained as a carpenter. But, even before leaving technical high school his teachers already told him to be too clumsy to swing a hammer. Peter thus moved on to study architecture at university. But, after one year of sketching and draughting, the lecturers decided that he was not creative enough to be an architect. Not perturbed by this second disappointment he decided to become a civil engineer.

Peter even had an engineering career which allowed him to travel around the world, building islands, bridges and pipelines, destroying nature everywhere he went. But, even early in his career peter decided not to be technical enough to be an engineer and started studying philosophy and management. He recently became a PhD candidate at La Trobe University, researching the relationship between organisational culture and service quality.

Peter currently works for a regional water corporation in Victoria, Australia where he manages a team that assists land developers in constructing water, sewer and recycled water assets. In his spare time, he performs magic shows for children and maintains a personal website with philosophically oriented musings about the world.
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